While Chris Brown still pines for his ex, Rihanna has clearly moved on.

The 'Umbrella' singer and Justin Timberlake have reportedly been "inseparable" since September's MTV Video Music Awards, when he was spotted heading up to her hotel room after the two got extra-close on the dance floor at a VMA after party.

Though Rihanna claims that they are simply working on her new album, rumors have spread about their in-studio antics, and Justin's girlfriend, actress Jessica Biel, is apparently a little less than thrilled at their budding relationship.

According to a major gossip website, Rihanna took it upon herself to call Biel personally to address the rumors, because she "knows how it feels to be cheated on, so she wouldn't want to do that to someone else."

The site also alleges that to achieve that end, Rihanna went "on a manhunt to find Jessica's number and reach out to her. She claims that Justin is only her friend and they became very close only because of working on her CD together."

The Barbadian beauty for has openly admitted to having a long-standing thing for Justin. "I wouldn't have wanted to date white guys before but they're killin' it right now," she told Vibe back in 2007. "Justin Timberlake ... Every hot guy I see is white."

If there's one thing we've learned about Justin Timberlake rumors, when there's smoke, there's generally fire. Look out, Jessica.