Rihanna posted a photo of herself on Instagram with a blunt in her mouth -- sound familiar?

It's hard to tell if RiRi's more addicted to photos of herself or photos of herself being a good girl gone bad.

We're all for sexy selfies and documenting that rockstar lifestyle, but lately the "Diamonds" singer's Instagram feed feels more like a cry for help than a brag reel.

Or maybe this is Rihanna's not-so-subtle attempt at responding to Lena Dunham's recent criticism of both her marijuana habit and her relationship with abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Either way, the gag is starting to get old.


Rihanna also posted another photo of just the blunt to her account, captioning it "Every day, every night ... all the time." Okay, girl, we get it, you like to get high -- just invite us over next time instead of posting photos after the fact!

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