It looks like Rihanna's new song, "Bitch Better Have My Money," is on track to be one of the singer's best songs yet and she has 20-year-old Bibi Bourelly to thank for some of its success.

There's no doubt the bass heavy song -- along with Rihanna's "Higher" -- will keep the Bajan beauty climbing up the charts once her eighth album, R8, is released later this year. Bourelly, the woman who penned both of the catchy tunes, will be soaring into the limelight as well.

Bourelly, already recognized as a true talent by people like Kanye West and Pharrell, is shocked at how much people like "Bitch Better Have My Money," especially since she and producer Deputy created the record in such a short time.

"We were just vibing with Deputy in one of the local studious I record out of," she said in an interview with Noisey. "It was back when I was into writing to beats, which I don't do anymore. He played me it, I went in and started saying something like "Bitch Better Have My Money," because I was feeling ratchet that day."

"We got that s--- done in three hours, then Dep went home and worked on it some more. It came out the way it did, and people seemed to like it," added the singer-songwriter who calls home to Berlin, Germany.

Bibi also admits it's surprising that she actually got the song to Rihanna because it was such a long shot. "We actually wrote it for fun because we thought, let's try to write a song for Rihanna," the young talent explained. "We had no idea she would actually ever hear it or do it, we just decided. It took us forever to get it to her, and when she did hear it, she thought it was cool."

Watch Bibi speak about her excitement for "BBHMM" and showcase her stellar singing skills below.

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