Rihanna wants the authorities to return a hefty amount of jewelry seized on the night she was allegedly assaulted by boyfriend Chris Brown. According to her lawyer Donald Etra, a motion was filed Tuesday in a Los Angeles court seeking the return of one pair of earrings and three rings totaling $1.4 million. The R&B/pop diva received the borrowed jewelry to complement the gown she wore to a pre-Grammy event, precluding the confrontation with Brown.

According to reports, the LAPD do not challenge Rihanna's request to have the pricey jewels returned to their respective companies. In fact, the authorities agree that photographs of the items can be used if the case goes to trial, but the matter has yet to be resolved.

Earlier this month Brown plead not guilty to two felony charges stemming from the alleged assault. While Rihanna has not attended any of the court proceedings, Etra stated that she will cooperate with police in the case.

The star will get back to work in May and will travel to Dubai for her first performance since the scuffle. Brown, who has been spotted in both Los Angeles and his home state of Virginia, is due back in court April 29.

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