Rihanna's no punk when it comes to trying on new styles in the fashion world. From Glamour to GQ, Bad Gal RiRi has gone from couture to completely nude on multiple magazine covers, but now the Roc Nation princess is going '80s grunge for the Winter 2013/2014 issue of 032c magazine.

With long, black nails, black eye make-up, a mullet pixie cut, a black Gucci pea coat and seemingly nothing on underneath, the R&B superstar gives her fans good face as she looks down with her head slightly tilted back making her "b----, what?" scowl.

More than thrilled with the creative freedom she was able to explore during the photoshoot, RiRi posted magazine cover to Instagram thanking 032c and photographers Inez and Vinoodh for the experience. "Thank you @032C for the creative freedom you let me have in this shoot!!!" she wrote. "Congrats to @melzy917 [Mel Ottenberg] on a bad na$ty issue!!!"

Rihanna cryptically promoted the photoshoot via Instagram in September -- when it originally took place -- as she shouted out its photographers and posted a pic of herself on the way to the set.