Atlanta police may have been on the hunt for Young Thug Wednesday (July 15), but before they took him away in handcuffs, the cops arrested rapper Rico Richie instead -- only he had nothing to do with the investigation.

TMZ reports that the "Poppin" rapper was busted for "selling weed and possession of firearms" on Wednesday. And according to the hip-hop artist's camp, the arrest occurred while he was in the recording studio, which was also the same place Thugger filmed his "Halftime" video.

Apparently while the police were investigating Thug's case, they found him with marijuana and two guns, which Rico's reps claim weren't his. However, since Rico refused to rat anyone out, he "accepted responsibility."

While Rico was trying to do the honorable thing by not snitching, his previous felonies could mean he'll serve jail time.

As for Young Thug, Atlanta police arrested him in his home on the same day and charged him with drugs and weapons violations. However, the cops were already going to take him in for allegedly threatening to shoot a mall security guard on July 7. He is currently being held in DeKalb County Jail in Atlanta.

Young Thug, along with Birdman, are also involved in the investigation over an alleged plot to kill Lil Wayne. The "Danny Glover" spitter was named in an indictment connected to Weezy's tour bus shooting in April.

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