While songwriter/producer Rico Love celebrates the recent success of chart-climbing tracks like Nelly's 'Just a Dream,' the Miami resident is also preparing for a possible future hit with powerhouse beatmaker Dr. Dre.

The songwriter -- who scored his first placement with 'Throwback' off Usher's 'Confessions' album -- recently teamed up with the West Coast producer to formulate ideas for his highly anticipated opus 'Detox.'

"We was just vibing a little bit," Rico tells The BoomBox. "He invited me out to L.A. to hear his album. I was so in love with the music that he already had, it was kinda overwhelming how good the stuff was. I was kinda like, 'Wow, you don't even need me.' We came up with some dope ideas."

During their studio session, Rico was taken aback when Dre admitted to knowing much of the accomplishments on his resume, which include writing the lyrics to Dirty Money's 'Hello Good Morning' and the 'Sex & the City' theme song, 'Labels or Love'.

"[Dre] let me know he was a fan of my work and things I've done," he shares. "It made me gain a whole new respect for Dre because for him to say he was a fan of my work, I'm like, 'You're Dr. Dre!' But that just lets you know that he's really still involved in the art of the music that he can be a fan of somebody else that's not even done a quarter of the stuff he's done. I have a new admiration and respect for him."

Though several songs have leaked off Dre's forthcoming album, Rico remained quiet when asked about new track titles or featured artists set to appear on the final product. He did promise that fans can look forward to a cinematic experience. "The only thing I could say is how grand and how big the music sounded," Rico reveals. "It's classic Dr. Dre to me. It ain't trying to conform to what's going on today. He's continuing with his sound and his consistency. The songs are just amazing. It trumps most of the things that are out right now."