For the past week, Rick Ross and 50 Cent have been trading shots at each other on Instagram and to be honest, it’s quite hilarious. However, Rozay was given a challenge that pokes fun at his ongoing feud with Fiddy on Comedy Central’s Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore.

The Miami boss was a special guest on Thursday night’s episode (Nov. 12) and had to play the game “Keep It 100.” For those who don’t know, the game consists of a player answering a question as truthful as possible, in other words, keeping it 100.

Mr. Wilmore asked Ross a hypothetical question that consists of him willing to end his rivalry with 50 Cent in exchange for ridding the world of racism. The Maybach Music Group honcho’s facial response to the question is priceless. You could see the unwillingness on his face to concede in his feud with Fiddy in the name of racial harmony.

However, his response was just as funny. “I’ma keep it 100, I’ma stop racism,” he says. “If I got to take him to Wingstop and have him eat some lemon pepper wings to stop racism, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

How nice of him to plug his chicken wing restaurant in his answer.

But let's keep it 100. We all know that’s never going to happened. Ross and 50 Cent’s ongoing feud is deeper than rap and lemon pepper wings. But it would be cool if the two hip-hop heavyweights end their beef and become friends, right?

Also on the show, Ross addressed the Starbucks controversy in which the coffee chain is being accused of trying to ban Christmas and Christianity with their red cups.

Check out Rick Ross being a boss on the Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore above and below.

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