It was only a matter of time until Rick Ross decided to come out and attack 50 Cent about his financial woes. After watching his baby mama become 50's comedic muse over the past few years, Rozay decided to spew some venom in his direction on the remix to Philthy Rich's "Wing Stop"

“50’s financial woes, I never speak of them / Years ago, Pimpin’ Curly, we know we ethered him," he raps. After he recites his last line, Ross is heard laughing loudly in the background to punctuate his point.

Several years ago, Ross and 50's feud escalated to unfathomable proportions. After watching the MMG rapper berate his son, the "In Da Club" rapper clapped back hard by morphing into his alter-ego Pimpin' Curly. He would continue to annihilate Ross' character by using his baby mama's sex tape as leverage during the beef. 50 leaked the tape and watched it garner over 4 million views.

Ross' baby mama, Lastonia Leviston, sued 50 for the damage sex tape did to her life and was awarded $5 million dollars. In response, 50 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in hopes of avoiding payment. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out for him as the courts lifted the freeze so Leviston could get her payment. On Tuesday (July 21), the G-Unit leader testified in court regarding his financial situation. During his testimony, Fif stated that his net worth is a hyperbole of the truth and that he's only worth a meager $4.4 million.

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