Since shedding a bunch of weight in recent months, it's safe to say that fans want to know how Rick Ross got so slim and trim. The rapper provides a few tongue-and-cheek answers in a new Funny or Die skit.

The brief clip starts out with Rozay sitting down on a bed as he goes into his weight loss spiel. Then in true infomercial fashion, he gets up, walks around and discusses a special workout routine that he does.

For step one, Ross says to get your neck muscles strengthened by wearing the thickest necklace you can find. "Just like a real 'Hood Billionaire' would," he says as people in the background demonstrate how to wear a heavy chain.

For step two, he suggests that you roll and smoke a lot of blunts to get your face muscles tight. The camera flashes to an actress twisting some cheap-looking greenery. Step 3 finds the MMG boss showcasing the importance of taking a wing break as he throws a huge bag of lemon pepper wings at a hungry dude.

The rest of the exercises consist of pouring a bunch of champagne on strippers, bopping your head to his upcoming album, 'Hood Billionaire,' taking a cereal break and making sure you relax in a tub full of money. It's all pretty hilarious.

'Hood Billionaire' will be in stores on Nov. 24.

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