In a recent YouTube video, Rick Ross claims that a G-Unit employee has offered to pay him to cease his attack on 50 Cent.

"Today I get a call from a dude from G Unit. His name is Nelson Gomez," Ross says in the video. "Yeah, n----, Nelson Gomez offered me a sum of money to fall back. I told him make it a half a million and I'd chill on "Curly." But that don't go for Yayo and the uh, the other guy. I'm a still see them, and y'all gotta pay separate."

While to our knowledge, there is no Nelson "Gomez" in the employ of G-Unit, Nelson (who works at G-Unit) the co-host of Shade 45's Gomez Brothers (radio name, all gimmick), did make some disparaging remarks about the incredible Officer Ricky this past weekend, likely inspiring the allegations.

Ross has had a history of fibbery, from his past job as a corrections officer to his claims of knowing "Noriega, the real Noriega," so his story hardly has the ring of truth to it. Especially since 50 clearly enjoys antagonizing Ross. Why would he stop?

In other news, Ross has recently finished shooting a short film with director Rik Cordero, entitled 'Deeper Than Rap,' which should be released soon.