We're approaching the last phase of summer 2010, and it appears that things are about to get even hotter. After Young Jeezy released 'Death B4 Dishonor,' a freestyle over Rick Ross' 'BMF' beat that most agree was filled with some pointed subliminal disses towards Ross, the Teflon Don has struck back with 'The Summas Mine' -- a track with its own controversial lyrics that seem to call Jeezy out as a fake.

While Jeezy denied he was dissing Ross, it seems pretty clear when analyzing Ross' new lyrics.

"You n----- ain't ready, you n----- is petty," Ross raps. "You n----- spaghetti, bustin' your meatball, you better be ready/ You throwin' up sets but you really from Cleveland, f---, bwoy.../ See I broke it down like a quarter key, B----/ I run the south, I'm who you wanna be/ The summa's mine/ Every time you turn around they spinnin' one of mine.../ Self-made, you just affiliated/ You're a waterboy, really you entertainment/ I'm livin' large, this n----- been a mark/ They used his credit cards just to get they rental cars."

It appears that Ross' strategy is two-fold. First, he's calling Jeezy out for being petty and exaggerating his own street credentials. For Ross as a former correctional officer, that's a dangerous path. Yet his second strategy, calling Jeezy out for his lack of recent success compared to the summer dominating "Boss," could yield some big results. Stay tuned for Jeezy's response or a Def Jam shutdown of the whole thing.

Listen to the full track over here.