Continuing the trend of questionable face tattoos, Rick Ross has inked the logo of his favorite eyewear brand onto his left cheek.

The Maybach Music Group boss has taken his appreciation for vintage Cazal shades to new heights by tattooing the brand's logo below his left eye, near the MMG logo he previously affixed to his face.

Designed by Cari Zalloni in 1975, and popularized by DMC of Run-DMC in the '80s, Cazal has long been a popular fashion accessory in the hip-hop community. Now, Rick Ross has made the luxury glasses brand a fixture. The Miami rapper reportedly has an immense vintage collection of the brand, which takes its name from the first two syllables of its designer's name, and features signature colorways and 24k tri-layered gold plating.

Facial tattoos have been all the rage this year with artists like Gucci Mane and Yung L.A. making headlines for their outrageous ink. Gucci opted for a lightning bolt-accented ice cream cone while L.A. chose to get inked with a red duck. Hey, could be worse, remember this guy?

Ross and his Maybach Music Group recently released a video for '600 Benz,' the latest single from their debut 'Self Made,' which hit shelves May 23.

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