On the second anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, as many reflect on his impact and legacy, Miami rapper Rick Ross paid tribute by revealing that he smoked marijuana outside Jackson's home on the day he died.

The Maybach Music Group boss explained that he found himself in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009,

the day of the King of Pop's unexpected passing, and immediately directed his driver to pass by the legendary singer's Holmby Hills mansion to pay a visit.

"I told my driver, 'Yo, I know where his house is at, take me over there,'" Ross reportedly told Rolling Stone. "By the time I got there, a crowd was already gathering. I rolled some of

that PR 80 -- L.A.'s finest [weed] - I cracked the window and I smoked one for

the king."

Last year, Ross revealed that Jackson motivated him to do more than just smoke "some of that PR 80," citing MJ as the inspiration for his second album's title.

"My second album, 'Trilla,' was named after Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' album, which I feel is the number-one album in the history of musical life form," Ross told MTV. "Just to see [Michael's] story, him as a kid, his siblings. That was a story I felt that any black family growing up could relate to. To see the heights that he took it to at such a young age. He set so many trends. Of course he had a great voice. Of course the ladies loved him. They needed oxygen machines at his shows. People were fainting a lot of times. We don't speak enough on him being a fashion icon. His shades, the [Ray-Ban] Wings, those are the shades I wear to this day. He also became famous for the glove, the jacket, the socks, the penny loafers, the flooding pants. He was a fly dude. He impacted music and mankind in a special way. He's one of one. It'll never come again."

Like Ross, Michael Jackson is a man about his money, even after death. Read here to find out how the 'Man In the Mirror' creator is still raking in the cash though he's no longer with us.

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