Rick Ross just signed a new rapper to his Maybach Music Group imprint -- Isa Muhammad.

Muhammad caught the attention of the internet -- and Ross -- after he spit a few bars towards the MMG leader last June. Luckily, someone recorded it and the video has since gained nearly two million views. The new deal has been a long time coming for the rhymer who was homeless a few years ago.

“This was something that I wasn’t expecting,” said Ross in a press release. “This kid gave me his heart when he was spitting and the internet got a hold of the video I put up on my snapchat. I wanted to give an opportunity for someone else to be put on – I know so many people in his same position. MMG is about giving back and pushing the culture forward by finding new and real talent. Isa Muhammad will reflect quality rap music and MMG is going to make sure of that.”

The rapper also shared his excitement for his latest move in an Instagram video. "Much love and respect to the f----- biggest boss n----," said the newly signed rapper in the clip. "We out here delivering a message my n----. This s--- ain't about bitches and bottles and s--- bro, this is about black people bro."

Muhammad also told viewers that he's still riding with his day ones and that he's keeping his head on straight. "We ain't out here doing this s--- for money. We ain't out here doing this for fame. We doing this s--- for our people."

And the rest is history. The rhymer is reportedly already crafting songs for his debut album as well. Check out Muhammad's signing day above and peep one of his latest tracks, "Inglewood's Sunshine" below.

Listen to Isa Muhammad's "Inglewood's Sunshine"

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