Weeks after suffering a pair of seizures while traveling to a show in Memphis, rapper and hip-hop mogul Rick Ross has opened up about what caused his public health scare.

Speaking with BET last night on '106 & Park,' the Maybach Music CEO blamed his illness on the demands of running a successful record company. He said it's been years since he's enjoyed a solid eight hours of sleep.

"Being the fastest-growing label in the game, wanting to be the number-one label in the game, it come with a lot of sacrifices, and in my case it was sleep," Ross said, according to BET.com. "I would get two hours of sleep and keep moving, you know what I'm saying? Being a hustler -- and that has to stop."

Prior to the BET taping, Ross hadn't appeared in public for more than two weeks. Since the Oct. 14 seizures, which occurred on two separate flights, the Miami native has been taking it easy -- something the workaholic has undoubtedly found difficult, given that he's got a new album, 'God Forgives, I Don't,' due out on Dec. 13.

"I just been relaxing, spending time with my family, my loved ones, and just taking a chill for a little," he told BET. "I'ma just make sure I get me some some naps here and there and I'ma get my sleep in."

He assured fans that doctors have given him a clean bill of health, and that he's going to take better care of himself in the future.

"Coming from where I come from, coming from the hood, and being put in the position [I'm in], it makes no sense to become a multi-millionaire and not be here to enjoy it with your family and your loved ones," he said. "I'ma stay focused and I'ma make sure I do the right thing."

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