Rapper and former correctional officer Rick Ross was robbed in Nashville and the police are asking people in the area to aid them in their search for the thieves.

Ross, Gucci Mane and The Swagga Boyz had just finished a show at the Municipal Auditorium, and at almost 2AM on June 7 they returned to their hotel in downtown Nashville, where a party was taking place. Ross began to mingle, and met a group of women, said to be in their early 20s. After leaving the party, the women gained entry into Ross' hotel room and took jewelry and a laptop computer, all valued at close to $60,000, according to police.

Unfortunately for the thieves, the hotel caught them on tape. Officer James Vivrette of the Metro Police Dept. told News Channel 5 that the tape "Shows a lot of good facial features as well as clothing within the hotel, so they're very identifiable." So identifiable that 3 months later, they still haven't caught them, apparently.