When Rick Ross blew up in the rap game in the mid-2000s, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that would've expected him to be featured in Men's Health. But now the Big Boss is giving readers some tips on his weight loss journey in the fitness magazine.

“I’m happy,” said Ross, who used to weigh 350 pounds. “I’m still losing weight, and now I’m starting to build hard muscle in places.”

He revealed that he's lost 75 pounds so far. Ross says the secret is to ease into a diet that doesn't make you feel like it's a "job."

“If I quit all the things I loved cold turkey, I knew it would only be so long before I went back to my old ways,” Ross told Men’s Health. “My advice for anyone looking to lose weight is to not make it feel like a job.”

In an interview with XXL, Ross explained how the two back-to-back seizures he had in 2011 made him take a second glance at his lifestyle.

"It just lets you know that death is that much closer," said Ross. "It’s like being in a dark room, you can’t see nothin’ and you got your hands out. You know that muthaf---- out there, though. So when you wake up from being unconscious, it’s real. Like, Yo, I gotta get on my s---. When the doctor heard my sleeping patterns he was like, You could die from that. So I just needed to start doing different things."

The full Men's Health feature is slated to be released with the magazine's September issue.

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