Miami rapper Rick Ross will have to pay $300,000 for assaulting DJ Vlad back in 2008. A Manhattan federal jury ruled Thursday (April 15) that Ross and his crew were liable for the altercation at the Ozone Awards in Houston, Texas which left DJ Vlad, born Vlad Lyubovny, with a broken eye socket. Vlad was awarded $50,000 in compensatory damages plus $250,000 in punitive damages.

According to reports, Ross and his crew attacked Vlad, the owner of hip-hop site, which hails itself the "TMZ of Hip-Hop," for exposing that he once worked as a corrections officer. This discovery was in stark contrast to Ross' hip-hop persona in which he paints himself as a former drug dealer. Although he initially denied his past employment, in light of mounting evidence including a pay stub with his legal name, William Leonard Roberts II, and social security number, Ross later fessed up to his past.

"As an individual that covers breaking news in the hip-hop world ... I am grateful that the jury punished Rick Ross for setting me up," said Vlad, following the ruling. "All I was doing was covering the news and making commentary."

Ross, who is now reportedly being managed by Diddy, is known just as much for his beefs with other rappers (and a boxer) as hit platinum records. He has yet to make a comment on the matter.