Rick Ross is one of the few rappers to drop two albums in the same year. Following his 'Mastermind' LP, the bawse debuted his 'Hood Billionaire' effort this week. He stopped by New York radio station Hot 97 to talk about the project and revealed some interesting truths, including the fact he's dating a new woman.

During the nine-minute interview, the Maybach Music Group leader also opens up about his recent weight loss and why he decided to drop two albums in eight months.

"We got to connect with the fans and do it in a different way. My first album 'Mastermind' this year was a much more soulful album, and this right here is a much more ugh, ugh, ugh," he says, as he threw his hands up to indicate 'Hood Billionaire' isn't as laid-back.

And as far as the new, slimmer version of himself, Rozay reveals he's been getting more rest and eliminating certain foods. But he made it clear that he still loves his lemon pepper wings.

"It was less than two years ago, but you know I had two seizures," he explains. "When I got there the doctor was like, 'Lucky for you it wasn't, you know, the worst situation,' but it just came from me being exhausted, me not sleeping, you know, maybe a little too much drinking here and there. So I just said I had to really focus on what I was doing and tighten up just a little bit."

The Miami native gave an update on Meek Mill's current status -- luckily for the Philadelphia native, who was sentenced to prison for three to six months back in July, he'll be out in a month -- and disclosed that his new boo, Ming Lee, is his "baby." "She's an entrepreneur. She got a real good spirit," he states.

Ross touched on the Michael Brown case as well and shares that he's saddened that officer Darren Wilson wasn't indicted.

"It dampened my spirit," he admits. "But before I think of me, I got to send my condolences to the Brown family for their major loss. And at the end of the day, me just sitting there reflecting, it's been open season on young black males for a long time, and how long can this go on?... Unarmed young male, you know, he was shot six times, and if that was justified, you know, I fear for my life."

Watch Rick Ross let loose with Hot 97's Laura Stylez above.

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