The NBA All-Star Weekend is underway in New York and already people are acting unruly in the clubs. While Rick Ross and Meek Mill was hanging out at an All-Star Weekend club event, a couple guys decided to pick a fight with Rozay and Mill. It didn’t end so well for them.

In a TMZ video, you can see a man barking at Ross and Mill when suddenly a brawl erupts. The celebrity website reports that a group of men were not happy to see the Bawse and the Dream Chaser on their turf at Liberty Theatre in New York.

Mill threw a couple of punches, but Ross stepped back and let his bodyguards put in that work on the offending clubgoers. Cops were not called and the party continued without interruption. Watching the video, it looks like the person or persons got a serious beat down all the way out the door.

One thing’s for sure, be careful when you step to Ross and Mill because their bodyguards will give you the instant fade. Also, if you peep the photo below, it’s looks like the rap duo are having the last laugh.

Watch the brawl video above.

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