If there's anyone who can seamlessly flex his gruffness and bravado on a record, it's Rick Ross. Today, he exudes that same grimy swagger we all love on his new record "No U-Turns."

Over the ominous sounding production, Ricky warns his adversaries that there's no looking back when it comes to making decisions. Traitors, beware.

"Tunnel vision/It's time to stumble on a hundred million/I still remember n----s pissing in the project buildings/It's do or die, momma said can't have no feelings/Cuz all them pretty boys in caskets never been appealing," he raps.

After recently performing the 10th anniversary of his debut platinum album Port of Miami last month, Ricky has been gearing up for the release of his upcoming album.

There's no word as to whether this will live on Ross' new album, or if this is just a freebie. In any case, new Rozay on a Monday, is definitely a beautiful thing. Take a listen to the record below.

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