In  a culture that thrives on money, power and respect, Rick Ross recruits two hip-hop hustlers to help motivate the streets to "Buy Back the Block."

With a hook delivered by the Bawse, in only a way he can, Rozay uses his new track to encourage economic empowerment throughout the Black community by repeatedly rapping, "It's time to buy back the block ... I'm 'bout to buy back the hood." Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz add to the track by sharing stories of the ways they've gone from nothing to something and the mindset they need for high-end lifestyle upkeep.

When the beat drops, 2 Chainz raps, "I got a crib in Florida and I don't even stay there." He continues, "All of my bars are legal/I used to sell the reffer, now I just sell Adidas...Just closed on a Cali crib 'round the corner from Kobe/Property, property, property, property/N---- I'm tryin' to invest."

Ultimately, 2 Chainz sets the tone as he advises fans to leave childish things behind and live life in luxury after you learn the real value of money and the ways it works. Take a listen below.


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