In what is becoming an epic battle of baller vs. brawler, Rick Ross has taken to the radio airwaves to publicly explain his problem with boxer Floyd Mayweather.

During an appearance on Big Tigger's WPGC/Baltimore radio show, the Miami-based rapper confirmed that he targeted Mayweather on the track 'Go,' a remix of his original track 'War.'

"I did a version that was picking on that girl [Mayweather]," Ross said in an interview. "You know, some of my G's out in Vegas told me, that he was [kind of] sweet so I just put it on the table and they haven't addressed it. It is what it is, I wish him much success. He wanted my attention so I gave it to her."

Ross first lit into Mayweather on "Mafia Music," throwing out the line, "That Mayweather money lookin' funny in the light," to address the fighter's very public financial problems. The 32-year-old allegedly owes the IRS upwards of $6 million.

Mayweather responded to then beef-in-waiting by commenting on Ross' resume and his past as a corrections officer, which has been addressed by, well, just about everyone by now. "[Ross'] stats and credentials don't rhyme. One minute he said he wasn't a CO or cop, next minute he is," Mayweather told AllHipHop. "If I need someone arrested, I'll call him."

But Ross retaliated in more ways than one. His venomous flow on 'Go' clearly shows he has no love for the boxer. "F--- Floyd Mayweather!" Ross says before the song begins. "I'm picking on a p----, banking on a mob/You know the rules in Vegas, n----, now you owe the mob," he spits. "Forever getting robbed, Bloods took your jewels/ Can't beat the IRS baby boy, just pay your dues/Still making my moves, gotta' Saran Wrap it/ Pick up all them n----s you left at Grand Rapids/ Undercover f---ers, it's Pretty Boy leaning/ I got 20 grand and artists that'll paint him/ Cop a crib buyer, you signed through your hood/ Your leasing anyway, stranded on death row like you should/ Bow down like you should before you're a--/ Bow down for good."

And, as if the rhymes weren't enough, Ross also released an accompanying music video poking fun at Mayweather's money troubles.

Floyd has yet to hit back at Ross in this round, but since he is dabbling in the music business these days, he may just have to release a dis track of his own.