Rick Ross is about his money. You don't have to be all that educated about hip-hop to know this. Therefore, when you write an article related to the rapper and his cash flow, you better know your facts -- or Mr. Ross' mindset. One Forbes writer is learning that the hard way.

Ross and Forbes writer Zack O’Malley Greenburg sat at a Brooklyn Wingstop to discuss the Bawse's ranking on Forbes' annual Hip-Hop Cash King's list. Of course, the 'Hood Billionaire' rhymer thinks his spot is too low on that list and rapped about his displeasure on the 'Black Bar Mitzvah' intro.

"Don't put me on Forbes no more my n----... Don't put me next to these little broke n----s," Ross rhymes.

The Maybach Music Group leader was cordial with Greenburg, despite how adamant that line comes across. He says he deserves to be higher because that's simply his opinion -- he admits he has no facts to back it up. At the end, Ross says that it's still an honor to be associated with success.

Ross does have a bit of a habit of exaggerating his wealth. In the video for 'Drug Dealer's Dream,' an electronic bank teller states that Ross has a disputable $92,153,183.28 in his checking account. His upcoming album is also titled 'Hood Billionaire.' The bawse, however, isn't a billionaire.