Miami's Big "Boss" Rick Ross is back at it again. His 2006 debut release 'Port of Miami' was embraced by hip hop's finest, including his former boss, Jay-Z, and topped the charts, thanks to collaborations with Jigga and Young Jeezy on the album's hit single 'Hustlin.' But Ross isn't letting the success of his first effort keep him off his grind. The rapper returned to the studio last year and recorded his sophomore album, 'Trilla,' due in stores on March 11.

"The actual title, I drew from Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' album. You know down south we use the term Trill, that's like true and real put together," Ross tells the BoomBox.

Ross also gains inspiration from his desire to make sure Miami continues to contribute to hip-hop. "It just feels good being part of the building process putting Miami back on the map. The way it needs to be," Ross proclaims. "Miami was doing big things with Luke Skywalker ... of course that was when I was elementary school."

While Ross has an immense amount of respect for his Miami counterparts like Flo Rida, Pitbull, Trick Daddy and Trina, the rapper also acknowledges that his lyrics represent a Miami that isn't as pleasant as the party city showcased in Luke songs.

"I was in the streets more than I was in the clubs. Coming up, I always enjoyed the Luke videos ... the pretty girls in the pools and the Jacuzzis. But I was a poor, fat kid so when I looked at that it never connected with me and my life. When you're wearing the same jeans twice in one week to school, one pair of shoes and you're the big guy, you really don't get caught up in woman and the club atmosphere," Ross explains. "I was more military minded and more disciplined, and trying to get my living conditions right. My focus was a little different than the partying and the happy moods. That club life is real big in Miami ... but that's something I never saw myself glorifying."

Instead of celebrating the party life, the rap star prefers to concentrate on making hip-hop classics and with tracks like 'Maybach Music,' which features Jay-Z, and 'Luxury Tax' with Lil Wayne, Trick Daddy and Jeezy, the 'Trilla' could prove to be Ross' 'Blueprint.'

That's one of the biggest records of the year," Ross says of 'Maybach Music.' "It's one of them that I most definitely had to dig deep. I needed to survive on that record."