Rick Ross lays 50 Cent to rest in his upcoming video for 'In Cold Blood,' off his third studio album, 'Deeper Than Rap.' Ross released a trailer for the video this past weekend and it's pretty clear that the track (and video) is aimed at his recent rival.

The Miami boss attends a funeral for the Queens, NY rapper, who is known for his constant "beefs." This time around 50 may have met his match as Ross continues to respond to attacks with intense verbal and, in this case, visual assaults.

But the ongoing beef may be over soon. In a recent interview, Ross admitted that his battle with 50 was becoming "boring" and that a battle with Eminem would be more entertaining. And in a possible attempt to get Em's attention, Ross told DJ Envy that he's not a fan of the Detroit rapper's video for his comeback single 'We Made You.'

"His swag ain't the same, though," he said, adding that he was just giving an opinion. "We not dissing. We'll never dis. [The video] was funny. This time I'm not gonna be critical because I'm a fan. But I see the swag ain't the same."

Ross' new album 'Deeper Than Rap' hits stores tomorrow (April 21).