After watching Nicki Minaj record her verse for Kanye's "Monster," which also features Jay-Z and indie rocker Bon Iver, Rick Ross said Nicki is "one of the greatest." "It was a moment in history," Rozay revealed. "I knew then she's one of the greatest." Oh, definitely. [MTV]

Ronnie from the 'Jersey Shore' dissed The Situation's dancing ability recently. "Mike has legs, so does a chair - it doesn't mean the chair can dance, right?" Not sure that question is completely rhetorical. [MTV]

Birdman continues to lament Lil Wayne's incarceration, which would be over by now, had his sentence not been delayed due to emergency dental work, and also a fire.
"That f---ed with us," Wayne's "daddy" said of the delays. "Mentally, we were ready to do it. And when they had the fire, it really f---ed up, 'cause we were like, 'Get it crackin'.' Any time your loved ones are leaving you in any kind of way, it affects you, 'cause we human, you love what you love....But he's home in a minute. We ready. We went through the storm and weathered the storm, so we here." FYI Any time you don't really know what Baby's talking about, he's talking about prison.