Any fan of Rick Ross knows that he loves to dine on some fine cuisine. Listen to his lyrics and there's proof enough. The Maybach Music Group head honcho recently opened up about his finer food selections with Bon Appetit magazine.

While the God Forgives, I Don't creator has a personal chef on standby 24 hours a day, he also knows how to throw down in the kitchen when his cook isn't around. So what does Ross make?

"I got one thing: I take the aluminum foil and I put a nice piece of tilapia on it, season it good, then put a bundle of broccoli and two or three slices of cheese over it," he admits. "I fold it up and sit it on the grill."

Ross also shares his pre-fame meals, which consisted of ramen noodles and Rice-A-Roni, his choice to bring ladies to Wingstop over a fancy restaurant like Philippe Chow and his love for all things cheese. Melting the dairy product over a honey bun? Yes, that's how the Teflon Don satisfies his sweet tooth.

God Forgives, I Don't debuts July 31.

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