LeBron James may have left the Miami Heat for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that doesn't mean that loyal fans have abandoned their favorite team. Especially Rick Ross, who bet a ton of money that the Heat would be one of the top teams in the NBA playoffs this year.

While visiting New York radio station Hot 97 this week, the bearded rap star bet Funkmaster Flex that the Heat would make the playoffs and the Cavs wouldn't, suggesting that James leaving the team wouldn't be that impactful.

So far, the Heat is off to a good start, with a record of 5-2, and they look pretty strong with Chris Bosh being the focal point of the offense these days. And if Dwayne Wade can stay healthy for most of the season, Ross' prediction of the Heat making the playoffs isn't that absurd.

But what about the Cavs? Will James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love be able to take the team to the promised land? Maybe so, but they'll definitely have to get a lot better before they can consistently beat the NBA's elite teams, like the Chicago Bulls and the world champion San Antonio Spurs.

As far as Ross' bet with Flex, we'll have to see who pays up at the end of the regular season. But here's a question: Who has to pay if both teams make the playoffs, and both teams have equal amounts of success? They should have definitely discussed that possibility before making the bet final.

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