Rick Ross is everywhere lately, making friends with Jigga and following him on tour, watching 'Purple Rain' with Diddy...recently he went to Hawaii to visit Kanye West and the two told each other some secrets. "It was my first time there," Ross said about his trip to West' island sanctuary. "We both were having breakfast one morning and we were talking, we both were telling each other just recording secrets, things that artists don't usually share with each other...One of the most incredible things he said - or really that I've heard in my whole career - he told me and showed me how to hear sounds in colors. I was mesmerized, but I don't wanna go too deep into it." That's cute. [MTV]

'Sex and the City' actor John Corbett talked about kissing recently, saying "I like a little gum beforehand, but it's a balancing act. You don't want to have too minty breath because that can be distracting. I prefer kissing on an empty stomach. I like to kiss right before lunch because I get a little nervous, and if it's right after lunch, I tend to overeat and I get belchy and bloated." He's like a kissing scientist. [Parade]