Rich Homie Quan is under fire after throwing homophobic slurs towards a fan at his Tallahassee, Fla. show, along with taking a few shot towards Young Thug.

"I don't f--- with no f---ing f-------," said Quan in the video obtained by TMZ. "Get your gay ass away from me. Looking like Young Thug...get the f--- away from me."

News moves quick though social media so it didn't take long for Thugger to air his thoughts on the incident through Twitter.

"Homie yo lil career almost OV," he tweeted. But it seems that the Atlanta rhymer was in a forgiving mood since afterwards he added, "he didn't mean to say that, uma give em a pass!!"

But the "pass" didn't last long since Thugger added on some jokes about it later on. "Yo show ain't even that packed for u to [say] something like that fool, who heard u say that????" he tweeted.

But before the beef gets full blown Drake Vs. Meek Mill status, Quan's DJ set the record straight, sort of.

"Dead serious man stop with this lame ass story man that's not what the f--- happened," DJ Fresh wrote in a comment on Baller Alert. "Those were not shots, he stated that the dude who was being flamboyantly gay by trying to touch him looked like young thug, and then proceeded to say that the not with that type of s---!!! And y'all wanna make it seem like he was talking s--- about thug man, people will twist stories and make it seem like the sky ain't blue because somebody said it was green and s---, that s--- lame as f---."

So is yelling an anti-gay slur, but we digress.

Watch Quan's moment of shade above and see how the drama is unfolding on social media below.

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