Rich Homie Quan is feeling remorse after a fan was shot and killed at his rap concert in Columbus, Ohio. The Atlanta rapper was performing early Sunday morning when suddenly shots rang out in the club.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Jeremiah Frazier was shot around 2:30 AM inside club Red Zone during Rich Homie Quan’s performance. The victim was then transported to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 5:21AM.

No arrest were made and police have no motive for the shooting. Frazier’s family, understandably, declined to speak to the media as they tried to cope with this tragedy.

Rich Homie Quan told TMZ that he’s heartbroken about the incident and says he will reach out to the family of the deceased.

However, he wants to make it very clear that he, nor his team, had any involvement in the shooting.

"It’s sad to hear that someone died especially during the holiday season," he told the gossip website in a statement. "I just want everybody to know me nor anybody in my crew or affiliation had anything to do with the shooting in Ohio."

Ironically, this is second time someone has been shot during a Rich Homie Quan Columbus, the Red Zone.

Back on Nov. 9, Freddie Johnson was shot in the back as Rich Homie performed on the very same stage. What would make Rich Homie return to the scene of a crime to perform again is anyone’s guess. But we are quite sure, he won’t return for an encore performance.

Despite the tragic incident, Rich Homie Quan seems to be in the holiday spirit. He just tweeted: