In a scenario that sounds like a plot from an action flick, Rich Homie Quan is accused of punching a security guard at a Miami nightclub and then making a quick getaway in a speedboat.

According to WSVN-TV, the Atlanta rhymer and his entourage wanted to get inside LIV nightclub at the Fontainebleau Hotel early Monday morning (March 23). The security guard, Christian Cajigas, denied his entrance because the club was filled to capacity. This didn’t sit well with the rapper and he felt some type of way.

According to a police report, Rich Homie Quan threw a tantrum and threatened to bum-rush the doors before mentioning the name of Miami rapper Flo Rida.

"I'm Rich Homie Quan, and I'm a rich millionaire, (expletive). I'm coming through these doors. I'm with Flo Rida," Quan said, according to the report.

Then Quan punched the security guard right in the nose before his entourage joined in and pummeled him to the ground. Afterward, the “Lifestyle” rapper darted away and jumped into a nearby speedboat and fled the scene.

The security guard's attorney, Joshua Hertz, said his client suffered a possible broken nose, cuts and bruises on his face and a chipped front tooth.

Since the dustup, Quan, who could be facing an assault charge, has not been seen in public. However, he did share a selfie of himself with a big smile on his face on his Instagram account today (March 24).

Meanwhile, Miami Beach Police are still investigating the case and would like to talk with Rich Homie Quan.

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