Chitown MC Rhymefest has just leaked a track from his upcoming 'El Che Manual' mixtape, going at blogger/rapper Charles Hamilton.

The beef, which Rhymefest explained in a recent blog on his MySpace page, stems from a show at Madison College, last Halloween, where Hamilton challenged him to a battle. Fest, who has a long history as a battle MC, having beaten a young Eminem at Scribble Jam in '97, described the events as follows:

"Long story short, I humiliated him... No need to ruin his career so early. So to show that there were no hard feelings, I reached out to him the next day and asked if he would like to be on my El Che Manual mixtape. This offer was out of sheer 'damn, Rhymefest is a cool ass n----ness'. However, he declined...THEN...I see a video of him ethering himself, saying how him losing to me somehow equates him to Eminem. (Sidebar: Charles, I know Eminem. Trust me, you are NO Eminem). STILL I chilled."

Hamilton remained salty, however, and at a recent SOB's show, mentioned Rhymefest's name in a punchline, during an impromptu (and perhaps, ill conceived) battle with Serious Jones, which prompted Rhymefest to record 'Supersonic (Chucky Cheese),' which can be checked out here, along with the rest of Fest's diatribe against the young Harlem MC.

Since no footage of the original Fest/Hamilton battle has surfaced yet, check Hamilton vs. Serious Jones after the jump.