With dating sites growing in popularity across the globe, there's new research about how tastes correspond with how people act in relationships. Recently, a U.K. dating site for extramarital affairs did a survey of 460,000 spouses that are currently looking for something a little extra online and found that hip-hop fans are more likely to cheat on significant others compared to fans of other genres such as rock, pop, classical, soul, R&B, electronica and more.

The reason? Well, the site, IllicitEncounters.com, claims that hip-hop fans are more comfortable with strong sexual content and are therefore more relaxed and accepting of their own sexuality. A site spokesperson, Sara Hartley, claims that research shows that a significant number of married people weigh the prospect of cheating at one point or another, but those that are more used to rampant sexuality have an easier time actually going through with it.

"As a genre, hip-hop has always delivered the most explicit lyrical content when it comes to sex, and listeners who aren't as comfortable recognizing their own desires may find a lot of the content embarrassing or objectionable," theorized Hartley. "It makes total sense to us why hip-hop would top the playlists of our members."

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