Remy Ma is wiping the slate clean and is looking forward to getting back in the studio when she gets released from prison. After serving a six-year sentence for assault, the former Terror Squad member says she’s ready to return to the rap game.

"I have a new outlook on a lot of things," she tells Billboard. "I’m ready to see the world with these new pair of eyes of mine. Everyone says I'm not missing anything but I think they're just saying that so I don't feel bad. I'm excited to get back into the game and make it a little bit more interesting."

The Bronx, N.Y., native also revealed that she and TS leader Fat Joe have settled their differences. Before she went to prison in 2008, Remy and Joe had a major fallout. Today, they are back on speaking terms.

"I just recently spoke to him and we had a wonderful conversation," she says. "It started off a little awkward. [Laughs] We're both like, 'Just say what you want to say.'

"We finally let it go," the 33-year-old continues. "We ended up talking about things I want to do when I get home. He said, 'I still think you're the dopest female rapper ever.' I'm like, 'Really?!' [Laughs] When you put egos and pride aside, and be the real people that you are it works out."

"I told him that when I do go home I'm going to make it my business that we talk more," she finished.

The 'Conceited' rhymer is due out of prison in July. She says she's written plenty of songs for an album. Remy plans to get in the studio booth and tell her story.

"I have so much material that I've been working on and so many topics I want to touch on," she says. "I’ve grown so much as a woman and as an individual. I know that I can bring something to the table that's missing."

"I want to show sides of me that I hadn't showed and tell my story since I left till now, and the stories of others," she adds. "I can say I have at least 20 books or so of songs."

Remy Ma seems eager to get out of prison to enjoy life and spend time with her hubby, fellow rapper Papoose.

"After I get dolled up and lay down some records and my voice is out, I want to get away and get my back blown out for like a week," she says. "Mess up the hair and make-up that I got done. I have been in prison for a while."

After spending time at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in New York, away from her dream of rap stardom, Remy is looking forward to fulfilling her career goals. "I want people to know that Rem is still Rem,” the MC states. “There’s a history of artists that go to jail and when they get home they’re not all that or even do anything. I’m not falling into that category. … I want to come home and make an impact. I feel like my time was cut short and I didn’t get to blossom where I wanted to be in my career.”

DJ Mustard, Meek Mill and Rick Ross are just some of the names she wants to collaborate with. “He’s one of my favorites right now. I love everything he puts out,” Remy admitted of Meek. “I f--- with French [Montana]. I like Nicki [Minaj]. She’s been doing her thing. I like that YG kid, a lot.”

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