Two months after being released from prison, Remy Ma gives her first television interview to daytime talk show queen Wendy Williams. On the Oct. 15 episode of 'Wendy,' the Bronx rapper discussed her post-prison life and her future plans.

Remy, who served over six years for shooting a woman in the stomach, revealed to Williams that she got into a couple of altercations in prison over watching her show.

She also discussed the first thing she did after she was released from prison. "I took a shower," she said, and added that Popeye's chicken was the first meal she had upon release.

The 34-year-old rhymer also spoke on her marriage to rapper Papoose. Although the couple did sign a marriage certificate before she went in, they never had a wedding ceremony, much to her dismay.

"I believe that me being away brought us much closer together," said Remy of their union. "It made us understand how precious we were to each other. Anytime that we did spend together, we cherish it."

She acknowledged that a few big-name artists were very supportive while she was incarcerated. 50 Cent wrote helpful letters to her parole officer and Keyshia Cole sent money for her son, Jason, and attorney. "She gave me thousands and thousands of dollars,” she said of the R&B star's altruism. She even spoke about creating lifelong friendships with other inmates.

"It’s so many people that believe that if someone [is] in prison then they're a bad person...because of the stigma that society has on us," Remy explained. "We've been through so much. We’re all away from our children, away from our families doing hard time."

As far as rap beefs, Remy says she doesn't have a problem with no one and hopes to work with all the female rappers in the game. The 'Lean Back' rapper denies there's any tension between her and Nicki Minaj.

"We speak often and I’m very proud of her, and she wishes me the best and I wish her the best all the time,” said Remy.

In the meantime, Remy is hard at work on a new mixtape project titled 'I'm Around.' "It’s just something that I wanted to put out for the fans and the people that have been waiting six-and-a-half years for me to put out music while I’m working on the album," she said.

Finally, as a treat for her fans and to Ms. Williams, Remy kicked a freestyle to show everyone...she still got bars!

Watch Remy Ma's interview on the 'Wendy Williams Show' above.