In a recent interview, Redman explained why he stopped doing LSD. "I had a very bad trip man, it got crazy. It was like a trip that continued every time I did it, and I thought I was being chased by evilness. Evilness was always chasing me, just evilness -- a zombie, a little baby Tasmanian devil, it was crazy. The last time that made me really stop, I was doing acid at like 2 in the afternoon. It wasn't nighttime or no s--t like that, when party time start, it was afternoon time. I was wilding -- right after lunch, lunch and acid. I'm at my homegirl house and I'm in the bedroom and s--t, and the door closes, and the door opens and a little Tasmanian devil runs in there with the horns and everything. I see this little motherf--ker just run up to me just like this...when I see s--t like that my body freezes and I can't breathe, for some reason. After that I stopped. After that, I think I went to go get one of my Aunties to pray over me and s--t. I think I had to stand in the bucket with my feet out in some water and s--t...and after that prayer -- cause God is good, I pray a lot and ask him for what I want, I guess he just told me, 'N---a stop doing the acid!' So I stopped doing the acid and I was like 'wow, it went away.'" Sounds like fun. [XXL]

Waka Flocka's mom (and manager), Derba Antney, says that her son is very intelligent. "If you go to his house, you go to his room, he has books galore," she claimed. "When we doing his tour and we in the stores...he's buying books -- investments and political stuff." [Vibe]