While many consider Redman and Method Man to be rap's Cheech and Chong, based upon their penchant for marijuana usage and hilarious antics, the duo are best known for having one of the most energetic live shows around. Though their platinum-selling collaboration album 'Blackout!,' dropped exactly 10 years ago yesterday, Red and Meth haven't lost a step. 'Blackout! 2' is one of the best albums of the year, so far, with appearances by Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Bun B and Keith Murray, and production by Pete Rock, Havoc, Buckwild, Erick Sermon and Rockwilder.

The BoomBox: How does 'Blackout! 2' differ from the first one?

Red: We've got more producers than we did on the first album. Besides Erick Sermon and Rockwilder, we got new producers, and we got a feel for the 90's, as well. It don't sound like the first album, but still has the same feel. We still got samples, which not too many people are doing this go 'round, 'cause they don't wanna pay. I think you gonna like it. Long story short.

Meth: The music is nostalgic, man. It's like when D'Angelo came out with the 'Brown Sugar' LP. It took a lot of us back to that era when our moms and pops used to play records on Sunday, when they was doing the spring cleaning, you know what I'm saying? Or you turned on the right radio station and...it's mother's day and they playin the oldies? It's reminiscent of that, but with a new feel to it because of the music. As far as the rhymes and stuff, very nostalgic, we stay true to ourselves and the plan.

The BoomBox:
Why did you decide to put out the record now, a decade after the last one?

Meth: Well, I just felt like the timing was right, and so did Redman and s---. Plus, we wasn't doing nothing else.

The BoomBox: Do you have plans for more TV shows, a la MTV's 'Stung?'

Meth: I don't know about TV, but definitely movies.

The BoomBox: Like 'How High 2'?

Meth: Hopefully we'll get somebody behind us that believes in the movie, but not 'How High 2.' We're gonna definitely do another movie though, we don't wanna touch that...People like to call it a cult classic, you know? And they don't throw that term around too loosely. Like they do a 'classic LP.'

The BoomBox: So what would you envision doing?

Meth: It definitely would be a comedy. But as far as the idea, if we had one we'd be in production right now.

Red: I got the idea already. You wanna buy it?

The BoomBox: What is it?

Red: You wanna buy it?

The BoomBox: Uh...yes.

Red: You wanna get Red and Meth in a movie and make some money? You wanna purchase this thing I got going on?

The BoomBox: Yes I do.

$20 million.

The BoomBox: Alright. I'll fax it to you.

Red: Ahh! He said he'll fax it to me, he must be a baller.

The BoomBox: Yes. Who can smoke more weed, you or Willie Nelson?

Red: Um, me. Willie Nelson don't smoke all night and all day.

The BoomBox: Have you tested that? I've heard stories about Willie.

Red: I know when I'm just chillin, on a good day...I gets it in.

'Blackout! 2' is in stores now.