'Red Tails' actor Elijah Kelley not only makes a scene-stealing appearance in the George Lucas-produced film as Samuel "Joker" George, he also penned the theme song, 'Light Years.'

"The song embodies the mood of the movie and what it stands for. I was able to craft the track and write the song in a way that I really feel pay homage to the Airmen. I hope that we can push it so that it lives beyond the movie and goes on to do well," Kelley told The Boombox.

Kelley wrote, produced and performed the song, which appears in a tribute video introduced by an enthusiastic actor-singer, that you can see view after the jump. Kelley has also appeared on 'The Shield, 'Everybody Hates Chris' and more.

Meanwhile, 'Red Tails' has enjoyed success at the box office, topping $44 million over the past two weekends, although it cost Lucas over $90 million to release. The film stars several other musicians, Terrance Howard, Ne-Yo and Method Man, and was co-written by 'Boondocks' creator Aaron McGruder.

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