Notice to all of the ladies out there: If you're down with what Red Cafe calls the 'Pretty Gang,' then he's definitely interested in you.

In his new cut featuring Fabolous, the 37-year-old not only describes the kind of girls he's into, but he also encourages women out there to get money.

"When them broke n----- come around and be in your face / Make sure them n----s pay you / My shawty got 10 Louis bags, Channel and YSL / She ain't worried about nothing cause her team fly as hell," he spits over a high-pitched vocal sample.

Afterwards, Fabolous adds his own personal take on who belongs in the 'Pretty Gang.'

"Champagne til I sweat Moet / Big old booty that stretch them sweats / Look back at it, retrospect / Gotta have it every time a n---- see it a n---- wanna grab it / Can't be with a boss if you ain't established / Can't join pretty gang if you ain't a bad b----," Fab rhymes on the Jahlil Beats-produced track.

This is the latest collaboration from the Brooklyn pair, as Loso also appeared on Red Cafe's 'American Psycho' mixtape back in 2012.

Listen to Red Cafe's 'Pretty Gang' Feat. Fabolous