Actress Rebel Wilson is embracing her hip-hop side. The Australian native, best known for her comedic performance in movies like "Bridesmaids" and "Bachelorette," is also a rapper, well, in the I-can-play-a-cheesy-MC-for-laughs kind of way. The blonde comedianne displayed her rap alter ego recently in a video produced by Bullett TV.

"Wassup? My name is Rebelicious a.k.a. Lil' Reb a.k.a. Lika-lika-lika-lika-Rebelicious," she announces at the clip's start. Dressed in a tracksuit and donning gold rings and a "Bitch" nameplate, the L.A. transplant, who stars in the upcoming film "Pitch Perfect," goes on to discuss how she was discovered as a 3-year-old MC.

Rebelicious even describes her "gangster" schedule. "Get up 4AM, you know, after sleeping like 48 hours, 'cause just like I had a massive bender the night before with lots of other gangsters," she reveals.

Check out the violent way she scored her jewelry and which lauded rapper's album title she name-checks as a way to describe her lifestyle below.

Watch Rebel Wilson as Rebelicious

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