Nearly two months after he was arrested for a nasty confrontation with the Beverly Hills Police Department in California, Ray J had another run in with the law.

According to TMZ, the 33-year-old singer was driving his Bentley in the San Fernando Valley on Aug. 6 was pulled because cops believed he was texting. Ray J denied such a thing and said he was merely fixing his Bluetooth. Instead of writing him a ticket, the police gave him a stern warning.

From there things got a bit weird. After asking Ray J to exit his car, which initially worried the entertainer, the officers asked if they could snap photos of him using their cell phones. They also asked if Ray could pose with them for some additional shots on his own phone.

However, LAPD police are prohibited from taking photos of drivers they let go. As a result of the photo-snapping cops posing with Ray J, LAPD has launched an investigation. As of now, there's been no official word from the police officers involved or their superiors.