Ray J is an angry man. Why? For the same reason a lot of folks are since Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling made those racist remarks.

According to TMZ, Brandy's little brother is getting rid of his Donald Sterling-owned apartments. Apparently, he rents two units and subleases both to other people.

In a 49-second video, the R&B singer and current host of the Oxygen channel's 'Bad Girls All-Star Battle' said getting rid of both apartments is the right thing to do. He's also sporting a Los Angeles Clippers cap, but the logo of the team is turned upside down, which is obviously another way that Ray J is showing his disdain for Sterling.

"F--- Donald Sterling," yelled the 'I Hit It First' crooner. "I got two apartments that I lease out to other people. I'm canceling that s---."

Since audio leaked of a racist-filled conversation Sterling had with his then-girlfriend, he has since been served with a lifetime ban from the NBA.

TMZ also asked Ray J about the lack of black comedians at President Obama's recent dinner event. "There's no room for race," he said in response. "It ain't about white, black, Mexican. It's about people."

It's safe to say that most people would probably agree with Ray J. Well, at least we hope that's the case.