Former Roc-A-Fella Records rapper Tru Life has been released from prison after serving five years out of an eight-year bid for gang assault.

Tru Life, whose real name is Robert Rosado, was sentenced to eight years in prison in March 2011 alongside his brother, Marchs Rosado, for gang assault and manslaughter, respectively. The charges stem after the Rosado brothers engaged in a fight and eventually killed a man named Christopher Guerrero in the lobby of a New York apartment building.

While Tru Life and his brother pled guilty to their charges, they wanted it to be known that Guerrero was not their target. Tru Life had already served two years in prison at the time of his sentencing, which would seem like he was subsequently released early.

Upon his release, Tru Life was worried that he was going to walk out a free man with prison khakis on. "I thought I was going to be coming out looking like Jake from State Farm," said Tru in an Instagram video. "You sound hideous, cha-ching!"

There's no word if Tru Life will reconnect with former Roc-A-Fella Records honchos Dame Dash and Jay Z. Either way, it's looks like he's happy to be a freed man.

Welcome home, Tru Life.

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