Swag, a rapper from Everett, Wash., with ties to Dipset member Jim Jones, has apparently been walking the walking a bit too much. The MC was busted for running a major drug operation outside of Seattle and has been cited by local police forces for cornering the market on Oxycontin in the area.

Outside of Washington, Swag is mostly known for his tandem raps with Jones on the track 'Swag'n.' Released back in February 2010, Swag portrayed a drug dealer in the music video, riding in a Ferrari, making a drop and collecting some major cash for his efforts. Police are claiming this clip is much closer to reality than fantasy.

Swag, real name Jevon Lawson, has been the targeted in a lengthy investigation and now has to deal with an array of federal drug charges after police raided seven separate locations in Everett, Lynnwood and Mill Creek. Prosecutors revealed that Lawson is associated with up to 25 aliases, seven birth dates and eight social security numbers.

Swag routinely promotes his affiliation with the West Covina Neighborhood Crips -- a subset of the large gang that operates in Southern California. "What some people may not realize is some of these gangs are making a significant amount of money and living a high-roller lifestyle from drug sales," said Everett officer Mark St. Clair in a recent interview with Herald Net.

Swag remains in prison and is awaiting trial.

Watch Swag's 'Swag'n' feat. Jim Jones