You might want to sit down for this one far enough away from any walls that can be broken with a punch. Former XXL editor Dave Bry wrote a piece for The Awl in which he uncovered a brand new rapper trying to make the scene that goes by a totally ridiculous name: Hitla. And yes, we side with Bry in the sense that simply writing about goons like this gives them more publicity and Web hits, but it's simply too out there to let slide.

So, what do we know? Hitla is a rapper from South Carolina and a small sample of his work shows a relatively normal, if overly misogynistic, output that seemingly has little to do with anti-Semitism. His lyrics cover the usual "I'm big in the club and power through women with ease" style. "When I eat that p----, treat that s--- like steak," he raps in one track. "Leave it well done, dripping juices off the place." Attractive, right?

Listen to Hitla's 'All Nite'

The rapper is backed by three "entertainment companies" entitled Bottom2thatop Entertainment, AP Productions and Corna' Pocket Entertainment. Look, there are many things that happen everyday which make the hip-hop community look bad to outsiders, but this is the sort of business where it simply goes too far. In an album cover, he even uses the full name Hitler while he hovers above an image of what appear to be people on fire.

We are all for freedom of expression and speech. It's integral to art and expression. We're also for ignoring people that have no clue.