A Bay area rapper was thinking outside the box when he decided to use his iPhone for more than the usual talking, texting and surfing the 'net. The rapper, who goes by the moniker Freematik, recorded an mixtape, titled 'iMatik,' using an iPhone app.

"'iMatik' is a fresh DJ mixtape full of phat beats, DJ scratching, live synths and all types of crazy sounds," the rapper explained. "Everything was made using apps available from the iTunes app store, such as Beatmaker, iDrum, Flare, Jasuto, etc. The parts were programmed over the course of a few months, in places including hotels, motels, the beach, bars, and anywhere else you would bring a phone.

"This initially started just as a way to have fun and do some music 'on the road', it transformed into an awesome psychedelic hip hop and electronic music experience. [It's] not my normal type of project but I really love it, maybe more than anything I've ever done. Plus it was crazy fun to make."

Boasting clever titles like 'Urine Idiot' and 'The Pursuit of Nappyness' the 25 track mixtape can be purchased or downloaded via his website. For more info visit www.freematik.com.