Raphael Saadiq is a busy man. Rehearsals, studio sessions and stage performances rule the gamut of his everyday existence. Think not? Just check out the visuals for 'Movin' Down the Line (Don't You Go Away),' a single off his fifth studio album 'Stone Rollin'.' Though however packed his schedule may be taking his career to new heights, he always makes time for the important people in his life.

"This song is really close to my heart, and the video reflects my entire journey as a musician, and life on the road," Saadiq tells the BoomBox. "Not even my family get a chance to view me this way. 'Movin' Down the Line' captures the best feeling ever, in your soul, heart and mind."

The bespectacled soul crooner, suitcase in tow, is welcomed home by his lady love after returning from his performances on the road. She's all open arms and hugs, while his two dogs are visibly excited to see their owner in the flesh.

"I wanna be your favorite song/ That will only bring me joy/ But now that I never see you/ I can only wish for more," he belts out to the woman by his side.

He may have to hit the stage sooner than expected, but for the time being it's quality time with good company.

'Stone Rollin',' a follow-up to the Oakland native's 2008 LP 'The Way I See It,' debuted earlier this year, spawning the tracks 'Radio' and 'Good Man.'